Staverton Sit Stand rises and lowers with you. 660mm to 1320mm in just 18 seconds.

Actuator mechanisms from Linak guarantee ease of motion and a virtually noise-free solution.

Desks can be pre-programmed so users can set their preferences and desk control software can be installed on PCs and Macs to alert users when a change of position is advised.

Whether the desk is at its highest or lowest, SOS and SMS have been designed to keep cabling completely hidden.

Primary screens and CPU cradles can be connected to the main structure with ease

Monitor arms can be attached without impeding sliding top access

Over-desk integrated power and data options are accomodated

Under-desk pedestals can be used with the work surface at its lowest position

Inset desktop power guarantees easy access to power and data


An Evolving Range

Unlike most furniture manufacturers we don’t stop once the product comes off the production line. We’re evolving every day. We focus on the user experience and the commercial value of our products.

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