A versatile range that grows with you

A standard fixed height desk

Take a standard fixed height desk – it does what it needs to do.

Staverton has a long history of designing products that fully integrate with our other pieces, sharing many components and aesthetic details to build flexibility and longevity into our solutions.

Staverton Sit Stand is no exception. With a similar platform to the CL bench we designed for The Co-operative Group, we can convert a static desk into a Sit Stand solution.

Staverton SOS rises and lowers with you

Your needs change and now you have a requirement for Sit Stand in your office.

Improving productivity? Invest in wellbeing? Embracing agile working?
Staverton Sit Stand supports all three. Stand for a phone call, sit to concentrate or something in between. Staverton Sit Stand rises and lowers with you.

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Desks can move

As you grow, your teams change and the desks can move with you.

Agile working demands change to teams, locations and styles of work.
Move your desks as you see fit, with ease and without compromise.
Have wheels will travel with Staverton.

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Primary screens and CPU cradles can be connected to the main structure with ease

Monitor arms can be attached without impeding sliding top access

Over-desk integrated power and data options are accomodated

Under-desk pedestals can be used with the work surface at its lowest position

Inset desktop power guarantees easy access to power and data


An Evolving Range

Unlike most furniture manufacturers we don’t stop once the product comes off the production line. We’re evolving every day. We focus on the user experience and the commercial value of our products.

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