This is Staverton Sit Stand

A fully height adjustable range of mobile desks.
Be empowered to choose the right work setting, improve productivity, invest in your wellbeing and embrace agile working.

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Move it? How?

Grow it

Grow it

Clever componentry means we can transform our static desks into Sit Stand, building longevity into your furniture.

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Raise it

Raise it

Stand for a phone call, sit to concentrate or something in between.
Staverton SOS rises and lowers with you.

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Roll it

Roll it

Agile working demands change to teams, locations and styles of work. Move your desks as you see fit, with ease and without compromise

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An Evolving Range

Unlike most furniture manufacturers we don’t stop once the product comes off the production line. We’re evolving every day. We focus on the user experience and the commercial value of our products.

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